Press Release: New Sherpa Tours Subscription Offer “Tour the World from Home” Now – and GPS AR Tours for Travel Later

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New Sherpa Tours Subscription Offer “Tour the World from Home” Now- and GPS AR Tours for Travel Later

More than 100 tours available in more than 50 cities around the world

Chicago, IL (May 4, 2020) — Sherpa Tours, which has created the first GPS walking tours led by an AR (Augmented Reality) avatar guide has launched a new subscription for travelers who are sheltering at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

The tours offer a virtual getaway as well as an educational tool to learn about a destination prior to visiting.

The Tour the World from Home feature provides users access to more than 100 remote tours in more than 50 cities around the world (see below for cities and additional virtual tours under development). The best part about the subscription service is that when the pandemic is under control, travelers are able to experience Sherpa Tours’ GPS tours in the actual cities.

The limited “cooped up at home” special pricing for the annual subscription is only $24.99. (Less than a checked bag fee) Sherpa Tours is on the App Store and the Google Play store.
Founder Michael Suskind talks about the inspiration for the subscription service, “So many of us want to explore the world while we are homebound. Sherpa Tours allows you to explore the world, get inspired, plan your next trip, learn in-depth about a destination that you are thinking of visiting, and actually go on a GPS-walking tour when you visit the city.”

Sherpa Tours for Travel Later
As well as “Tour the World from Home” remote tours, Sherpa Tours offers several great benefits for travelers when they begin traveling the world:
 With social distancing norms, the Sherpa Tours GPS tours will allow travelers to be away from a large group while experiencing a guided walking tour
 The Sherpa Tours GPS tours provide great value ($4.99 per tour or only pennies per city with the subscription service) compared to a traditional tour that is priced much higher (as much as $300 or more for a comparable tour)
 Sherpa Tours is the only walking tour App with an AR Avatar guide

 Tour at your own pace – Sherpa Tours’ GPS tours allow travelers to do a tour when they’d like – whether at dawn, mid-day or evening, as well as pausing to explore a museum, shop or café
Expert Guides
Each tour was created by a knowledgeable tour guide. For instance, the London tours were created by a long-time Blue Badge tour guide and the Prague tours were written by a former The Wall Street Journal journalist who lives in the Czech Republic capital. See below for bios of a few of Sherpa Tours’ expert guides.
Suskind was inspired to create Sherpa tours GPS walking guides after years of traveling with his family. In Suskind’s experience, a walking tour is the best way to learn about a city. After having some unsatisfactory guided tours, Suskind concepted Sherpa Tours – guaranteeing that tours had knowledgeable and insightful guides providing useful and engaging information.

For more information on Sherpa Tours, visit the website (
Bios of Sherpa Tours Expert Guides
 Patrick Leehey (MA), Boston Freedom Trail Tour creator, has lived in the greater Boston area for more than five decades. After receiving a B.A. in History from University of Massachusetts Boston and an M.A. in History and Certificate in Museum Studies from Northeastern University, he served as Research Director at the Paul Revere House in downtown Boston for 33 years. He has led numerous tours of Boston’s downtown and North End.
 Wendy Bright (MA), Chicago tours creator, is passionate about sharing the beauty and wonder that is Chicago. She has an MA in Art History with an emphasis on architecture. She is a certified Chicago tour guide and has led hundreds of tours in the city for more than 10 years.
 John Gowing, London tours creator, is a Londoner, born and bred, who taught in schools for 32 years before deciding to train as a Blue Badge guide, the only guides permitted to conduct tours at many London attractions, including the Tower of London. John won the prize for the best presentation at St Paul's Cathedral in the Blue Badge examinations. He has more than 100 reviews on TripAdvisor, all five stars.
 Mónica Cruz Guáqueta (MA), Barcelona tours creator, is a licensed architect with a master’s degree in History of Architecture. She has become an expert in Barcelona’s history and architecture by combining her knowledge of the city with deep historical research. She loves leading expert tours for scholars and travelers interested in culture and knowledge.
 Oliver Kenzie (MRes), Athens, Rome, and Knossos tours creator, is a Cambridge-based writer and archaeologist. Completing a BA in Archaeology, he continued to postgraduate research specializing in Early Iron Age architecture. He has excavated in Greece and led numerous study tours there, as well as to Sicily and mainland Italy. He writes frequently about his travels in the Mediterranean as well as his hometown of Cambridge.
Cities where Sherpa Tours are currently available:
Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Portland, Washington, DC
Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belfast, Belgrade, Berlin, Bruges, Bucharest, Budapest, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Glasgow, Knossos, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Naples, Oslo, Palermo, Paris, Pompeii, Prague, Rome, Seville, Vienna
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
Agra (Taj Mahal), Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Kamakura, Kuala Lumpur, Marrakesh, Mumbai, Pyramids of Giza, Singapore, Tokyo

Sherpa Tours will continually create new tours until the world is blanketed with our tours. The following are cities where we will have tours in the next 60 days: Antalya, Bologna, Buenos Aires, Hanoi, Helsinki, Lima, Marseille, Philadelphia, Pisa, Saint Petersburg, Venice, and Verona.

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