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The destinations, brands, and companies who choose to work with Promo Communications are varied, diverse, and global. From the Rocky Mountains to the Dolomites, from New York to Chile, from ski resorts and spirits to fashion and tourism boards.

One thing that they all have in common, though, is story!

Promo’s clients are rich in story, inherently compelling,
and three-dimensional by nature.

It’s all about passion.

“Everything we do revolves around relationships,” says Maureen Poschman, president of Promo Communications. “We partner with clients we believe in, with brands we are passionate about, and with people who share our values.”

At Promo Communications, a passion for our clients is the first criteria. We have a diverse collection of clients, and our long-term client relationships are evidence of our client’s satisfaction. Our clients range from hotels, villa rental companies, ski resorts, summer resorts, spa companies, golf developments, restaurants and more.

Characters matter. They’re the lifeblood of stories. And, Promo Communications is fortunate to have a curated roster of clients who are rich in character, radiate passion, and ooze story. The common denominator with our clients is character.

Tierra Atacama | Promo Communications
Tierra Atacama | PR Agency Aspen
Tierra Atacama | PR Agency Aspen
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