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Our clients love that we’re a boutique communications agency who delivers big-time results. We’re nimble, creative, attentive, and invested. Everything Promo Communications conceives, creates, executes,
and measures is crafted by hand and tailored
to clients’ goals, objectives, and plans.

We are all about bespoke public relations, targeted marketing, and layered storytelling; our work is social, fosters conversation, and piques interest.

What’s the secret?

Specializing in luxury lifestyle and travel clients, including destination resorts, luxury goods, hotels, restaurants, and spas, Promo Communications creates and executes strategic public relations and marketing programs.

Our plans are custom-designed to meet each of our clients’ unique needs and requirements.

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Public relations is an essential component of any comprehensive marketing plan. A well-executed public relations plan delivers a message through an objective third-party source and creates credibility at a comparatively cost-effective means.


Promo's approach to content marketing is rooted solely in strategic marketing. We create and distribute valuable, relevant, entertaining, and consistent content on clients' owned media channels to attract website traffic, convert traffic into a clearly-defined audience, keep the audience returning, and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action for clients.


Promo Communications is fluent in the many dialects on social media platforms—from organic Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and paid social media. Popular social platforms are vital components of successful marketing and PR strategies. Promo Communications offers clients and businesses valuable data about their customers and a cost-effective way to communicate with actively engaged audiences through our social media services. Promo specializes in growing audiences and engaging past, present, and potential customers with strategic social media practices.


Promo's strength lies in relationships cultivated with targeted local, regional, national and international media. Promo executes our client's message through our experience in the travel industry and our ability to consistently secure targeted media coverage. Through media calls, news releases, media kits, and targeted pitching, Promo delivers.


When appropriate, Promo will organize press conferences, media events and promotions to increase awareness and generate buzz for our clients' products. Our events are designed for results.


Promo can train our clients' management and staff for broadcast and print media interviews, in order to effectively communicate the appropriate message, control the interview situation, and achieve the best possible results. 


One of the keys to public relations, content distribution, and content marketing is activation with targeted, valuable, and engaged audiences, and Promo specialized in identifying strategic audiences and creating ways for clients to resonate with these potential visitors, guests, and customers. Whether its hosting media on FAM trips, establishing relationships with like-minded brands and partners, or crafting influencer marketing strategies, Promo's influencer relations provide invaluable returns for clients.


Specializing in luxury lifestyle and travel clients, Promo creates and executes strategic public relations and marketing programs for clients. Our plans are custom-designed to meet each of our clients' unique needs and requirements. Promo asks strategic questions of clients, listens to goals, crafts customized strategies to achieve goals, and then measures and reports on ROI.

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