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Coming in from the afternoon heat, sunburned and smiling, Spencer, a guest from Seattle, settled in for lunch with the satisfying exhaustion of a morning spent on the waves. 

Over an organic Buddha bowl at Surf Synergy’s communal table, he explained what he thinks is the secret to the success of the resort he was visiting for the second time that year. “I could replicate the rooms and the property,” he said, “but it’s the culture and the people that make the difference.”

For Spencer, Surf Synergy had been transformative. His experience put into perspective for me the idea of surfing as wellness. Formerly a “workaholic control freak,” he told me he learned to let go on the waves. 

The Surf Synergy ethos is that anyone can learn to surf. The property launched here in 2022 and offers seven-day packages that include yoga, massage, breath work and ice bath therapy along with all meals and one excursion. But the main focus is the almost daily, one-on-one surf or stand-up paddleboarding instruction. 

The approach is holistic, with everything from breath to massage tailored to surfing or paddleboarding recovery and performance. The food, healthful and organic, is meant to provide the energy needed for the waves. Even the resort’s sunblock blend, made with cacao and beeswax, protects the skin while keeping harmful chemicals out of the ocean that provides the waves. 

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