Forget Europe: South America is the perfect remedy for snow-starved skiers

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Covid is once again crippling Chile, but with time to go until the ski season begins this could be the year Britons are tempted to the Andes.

If you’re a keen, adventurous skier or snowboarder of any standard and have been devastated to miss this last season (and potentially the one before), thanks to Covid-19, then this could be the year to take a summer trip to the Southern Hemisphere.

While the rest of Blighty is scrabbling to visit the Costas or dip their toe back into the Med, a summer spent exploring the legendary Andes and enjoying some of South America’s spectacular snow, scenery and heart-warming hospitality has never felt more enticing.

There are a number of excellent ski resorts to tempt holidaymakers south – three of the best are Portillo in Chile, and Las Lenas and Bariloche in Argentina. Each offers its own unique style, culture, landscape and experience, giving plenty of options for every type of skier or snowboarder.

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