Why Ski In Aspen When You Can Snowshoe Instead?

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Aspen may be famous for being THE ski destination of choice for celebrities, billionaires and the glamorous set in general. Few know that it’s a dream for snowshoeing as well. Visitors are so set on getting in those ski runs that snowshoeing doesn’t even come to mind.

What they’re missing out on is definitely worth discovering: the area is home to an untold number of snowshoe trails, each more scenic than the next- some are groomed and well traversed while others are remote backcountry routes where you’ll be trodding through fresh snow.

I first tried snowshoeing four years ago in Italy’s Dolomite mountains and have been hooked ever since. It’s a socially distanced activity and one that- unlike skiing- requires no technical skills. Snowshoeing is also inexpensive compared to skiing and a killer workout- always a plus point for exercise fans like me.

Aspen is a gem of a place to experience the sport.

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Snowshoe Aspen

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