Aspen, Town & Country, September 2020

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Aspen’s most luxurious bike ride

Living in Aspen, Colorado this summer has afforded me a fair amount of experiences that would be considered, “normal” before COVID19. The idea of a leisurely bike ride with friends, culminating in an August “al-fresco” dinner seems par for the course. You agree on a place to meet, don your Tour de France helmet-to-bike shoe finest, clip in and away we go.

One of the beautiful things about Aspen is its 7,908 foot altitude (once you get accustomed to it), because from this vantage point most things are downhill. An easy, picturesque glide down the Rio Grande Trail deep into the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley. Don’t get me wrong, the uphill cycling is some of the best in the country, but I digress. My point is that a bike ride can STILL be just a bike ride, COVID-19, be damned. That is unless you want to infuse it with a little luxury…

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By Jeremy Swanson

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