Holiday Gifts from Osmia

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Below are some great holiday gift ideas from Osmia. 

We can send any items to be photographed and we also have beautiful photography of all of the gifts showcased below – or any of the individual products, if you or your editors would like to feature one specific product. 

In addition to these gifts, Osmia has new packaging for their bath products, and they are great stocking stuffers.

There are so many options when looking for gift guide options, so WHY Osmia

+ Osmia is a clean beauty company

+ Osmia was founded by an MD, who uses her medical training to create products that are actually good for the body.

+ Osmia plants a tree for every order, and in the first three years of the program planted more than 50,000 trees in Colorado 

+ Osmia uses good things – and nothing bad in their products 

+ Osmia products smell wonderful– We like to say that founder Sarah Villafranco MD is like a sommelier of scent.

+ Osmia products feel wonderful on your skin – giftees will be happy over and over again

+ Osmia products are beautiful – from the box to the (mostly) sustainable packaging, they will look beautiful on your page, the giver will be happy to give them & the recipient will be thrilled to receive them! They look beautiful on the bathroom counter and by the bathtub.

  • Mini Bars – $24 Osmia first product – and still a favorite – is our bar soap. Whether its for the guest room, a smaller bar for traveling, or just want to introduce someone new to Osmiasoap, our Mini Bars are perfect for the job! A selection of our customer favorites, this little set contains five slices of soap: Milky Rose, Citrus Pearl, Lavender Shea, Oh So, and Coffee Mint—plus a soap saver to save the slices. 
  • Soap Stash – $72 four beautiful bars of Osmia soap in five different varieties (Grounding, Vegan, Greatest Hits, Sensitive & Uplifting) Every clean beauty aficionado. The Soap Stash includes four bars of soap, a soap saver, and a beautiful reusable organic canvas bag – and is the ideal gift to make the world a cleaner, sweeter smelling place. Following are the five Soap Stash combinations (No substitutions, sorry!)
    • “Grounding” is a collection for those few friends who are forever on the go. This bundle of soaps will help them feel connected and calm. Set includes Vetiver Grey, Oh So Detox, Palo Santo, and Coffee Mint.
    • “Vegan” is a collection of our soaps that that don’t contain dairy or honey—perfect for the vegan beauty lover in your life! This set includes Oh So Detox, Lavender Shea, Citrus Pearl, and Palo Santo
    • Greatest Hits” contains Oh So, Coffee Mint, Lavender Pine, and Milky Rose. These are our four best-selling body soaps—a perfect selection for anyone and everyone on your list.
    • “Sensitive” are soothing soaps for mama, baby, or anyone with delicate skin. Set includes Milky Rose, Oh So, Oh So Detox, and Lavender Shea.  
    • Uplifting” are soaps that will make your day a bit brighter. Sniff the day away with Milky Rose, Citrus Pearl, Lavender Pine, and Lavender Shea. 
  • Simple Gift – $32. This is Osmia’s number one selling gift – for a good reason. It includes the simple essentials – a bar of Osmia’s soap (your choice of eight types of soap) plus Osmia’s best-selling Lip Doctor, Everyone needs (and loves) a beautiful, hand-crafted soap and a healing, effective lip balm. From a client you hardly know to your best friend or sister, this is an affordable way to introduce someone to healthy luxury, and to encourage a little extra self-care. It’s a great “gateway” gift for someone who’s trying to use fewer chemicals, too – hopefully it will lead the way to more Osmia goodness down the road! (Includes the soap saver and packaged in a beautiful reusable organic canvas bag.
  • Perfect Pair – $ of soap plus a small body oil. Four varieties and our favorite scent pairings. A luxurious handcrafted body soap and one of Osmia’s beautiful, velvety body oils in a reusable organic canvas bag make a perfect gift and comes in four combinations based on scents that weave together gracefully to enhance the Osmia experience. Choices include the following: 
    • Vetiver Grey + Water – great for men 
    • Lavender Shea + Night – for the insomniac in your life.
    • Citrus Pearl + Light – to brighten someone’s spirit instantly.
    • Oh So + Naked – unscented, for sensitive souls.
  • DUO – $40 Originally Created for the Spa at Aspen’s Hotel Jerome, the Duo includes the Himalayan Body Buff + Rosemary Body Mousse. – Perfect for winter gifting, Osmia’s Himalayan Body Buff will scrub away rough skin and leave skin shockingly soft and nourished. The Rosemary Body Mousse is a heavenly, whipped shea butter mousse that smells like a sprig of rosemary fresh from the garden – perfect for cracked heels, rough elbows, and legs after shaving. It also makes an incredible beard balm for men! 
  • Triplet – $60 Like a flight of fine wines, the Triplet provides a little taste of Osmia’s three best-selling body oils in a reusable canvas bag. Light is an energizing blend of lemongrass and ylang, for something bright and sweet. Night is a soothing combination of lavender and cedar, perfect for winding down at the end of the day. Naked is just right at any time – with no essential oils at all. 
  • Relax – $92 Lavender essential oil is effective in alleviating anxiety, headaches, and insomnia, so this is the perfect gift, which puts Lavender Front and Center – is perfect for anyone who needs to relax – or those who live by the philosophy that there’s no such thing as too much lavender. Includes soothing Lavender Shea SoapNight Body Oil, and Lavender Body Mousse.
  • Baby – or Sensitive Skin $136. Nourishing, calming, and soothing, this set is safe for newborn, baby, pregnant moms, and nursing moms – AND also perfect for Anyone with Sensitive skin! The Set includes full sizes of our Oh So Soap, Naked Body MousseLip Doctor, and a Naked Body Oil in a reusable canvas bag.

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